Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween party at Art Bug

The Halloween party at Art Bug last Thursday was a load of fun and we had a blast! 

I took leave from the office because it was a very busy day. Ryan had an audition earlier in the day and had to be chauffeured to and from his nanny's. I had to make a stop at the Law Society to get something done and then decided I might as well make a stop in the office to pump (my breast pump was in the office and the office is pretty near the Law Society). In between all this shuttling about, I was sewing, sewing, sewing. All's well that end's well and we got to Art Bug in full costume, a little late, but all set to party! Rou Ern was ready and waiting for Ryan to arrive and when he did, the two of them were so pleased to see each other and started showing off their costumes!

Rou Ern was a lovely butterfly princess! She wore a beautiful tulle tutu made by Shann. Shann also painted a butterfly on her face. Magical! Hop over to Shann's blog to see more photos!

As promised, here are more photos of Rachel in her Princess Leia costume!

I pinched this photo from Shann!

Rachel's hair-stocking was comfortable enough to sleep in!

Another photo that I pinched from Shann!
Ryan enjoyed himself thoroughly. There was English speech-and-drama and there was Mandarin story-telling - he listened very carefully and participated eagerly in the action, especially the dancing parts!

Peter Pan and his pal, the butterfly princess!
There were also some art-and-craft stations. Ryan managed to have a go at two of them. This one was the "magic potion" station - draw some images on clear plastic, cut them out and hang them inside a clear container, fill it with coloured water and design a cover for your magic brew!

This "magic potion" activity was a little tough for Ryan because he had to stick little pieces of fishing wire onto the images but the fishing wire was quite hard to see. I had to help him out quite a lot with that. I also helped him to draw some of the images that he wanted - we ended up with a turtle, a spider, a finger, an umbrella and a rabbit. He wrote his name on the cover and chose the colour orange for the potion.

The next station Ryan tried was making a "Trick or Treat Basket". Actually, it was more like a bag. Ryan was pretty independent with this activity which involved colouring the paper bag and pasting felt shapes onto the bag. He liked this a lot and afterwards kept telling Rou Ern, "I have a bag!"

The event was very well attended and almost all the children came in costume. All the Art Bug teachers and staff were also in costume and the studio was decked out in Halloween decor. Fun, fun, fun! The party ended about 9 pm, after which we walked out in search of food. The two little ones drew a fair amount of admiring looks and amused chuckles as they paraded down the street hand-in-hand.

We ate nearby and by the end of the night, Ryan was deliriously tired (he skipped his nap that day). Still, it was obvious that he had a wonderful time, as did all of us. Thanks for inviting us, Shann!


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