Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random updates

Ryan is on holiday from school and he has been following me to the office in the mornings on most days. He loves going to "Mama Office" and understands that "holiday" means that he doesn't go to school. Here he is at the water feature near my carpark in the central business district.

Today was an interesting day because Ryan got called for another audition! The role was supposed to be for an older child but they requested to see Ryan, so we drove over for them to see him. When they saw him with Richard, they asked if Richard would mind doing an audition too! I guess they were looking for a "father"? Hopefully, they both get the parts that they auditioned for! Here they are at the audition!

In other news, I've started working on a Halloween costume for Ryan because Shann invited us to a Halloween party next week! I've only just finished the hat - see if you can guess what he is supposed to be dressed up as!

As for Rachel, she has been flipping back and forth like a roti prata. After her first flip, she didn't flip for a few days and I was wondering if she'd lost interest. Now she is (literally) on a roll!

She is not contented with just flipping now. After she gets on her tummy, she wants to get going and has already started leopard crawling (very very slowly of course). Looks like she will be crawling very soon!


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