Friday, October 5, 2012

Rachel's checkup at the PD

I am so happy that it is Friday. I've had a lot on my mind this week and, while I'll still be carrying my thoughts around for a while more, I'm glad that I can put them aside for the weekend at least. We have plans for the weekend that involve a lot of good quality family time and I'm looking forward to that.

Rachel had her 3-month check-up on Tuesday. She is slightly more than 3.5 months old now. Got her vaccinations done and ticked off her milestones. She is 5.99 kg and 60 cm. The guideline is for her to double her birthweight at 4 months. She was 2.98 kg at birth, so she's doing fine.

She did have a period of about two weeks where she wasn't drinking her milk during the day at her nanny's - that was the first two weeks that she was there. She would start fussing when she saw her nanny walking towards her with the bottle, even before the bottle reached her mouth. The funny thing was that she was completely content to sleep and play throughout the day and didn't fuss at all. She only fussed when her nanny approached with the bottle! She simply did not want to drink her milk. When I brought her home at the end of the day, she latched on as normal and drank as normal. She didn't seem excessively hungry.

We explored a few possibilities, eg. bottle rejection, type of bottle, unfamiliar environment, etc. but we weren't very concerned and trusted that things would work out in time and, after two weeks, she started drinking normally. Coincidentally, the day that she started drinking normally was the first day we changed her bottle (from NUK to MAM) so it would appear that it was because of the bottle. Still, I had my suspicions that it was not due to the bottle at all. I remembered that, there was one occasion during my maternity leave when we left her with the nanny for half a day (Ryan had a photoshoot) and she drank from the NUK bottle without any issue.

True enough, when I asked Dr Ngiam about it, he said that babies naturally know when to slow down (and the parents shouldn't push them to drink more). Despite not drinking during the day for nearly two weeks (not counting the weekends), her weight is perfectly fine now. In fact, she is still a little ahead of where she needs to be. Basically, she slowed down to the point where she needed to be, and then started drinking normally. In other words, my little 3-month old was dieting!

Anyway, all's well that ends well. Rachel is doing fine now at her nanny's and her nanny has already fallen in love with her. When I go to fetch Rachel home in the evenings, Rachel is always wearing a new outfit and her nanny is constantly singing praises about how easy Rachel is to look after.

Ok, happy weekend, everyone! See you back here next week!


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