Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend update

We spent the weekend in a very detached manner, just going through all our appointments and not exercising much brain power. I was still very much under the weather on Saturday and only started feeling well on Sunday.

There was one exciting highlight though - Ryan got called up for an audition for another television commercial! We trooped over to the studio on Saturday afternoon and it looks like he managed to charm the casting lady enough to get on the shortlist, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that he will be the chosen one. This one is quite a big job and this audition was the first audition where he actually had to act out a scene. We were not expecting much but, lo and behold, he did a great job! He understood and followed the instructions on what to do/where to go and he even put in the scared and happy emotions that they wanted for the scene - just brilliant.

The rest of the weekend can be illustrated by the photos from our phones (yes, I didn't bother carrying my camera around - that's how out-of-it I was), so here's the pictorial rundown.

As I mentioned in the last post, the weekend started with Rachel achieving a milestone - flipping from her back to her tummy.

We celebrated with a trip to KFC. Of course.

After violin class, it was a quick stop for a haircut for Ryan before his audition. Then, it was off to Vivocity for a little walkabout and dinner. We always stop by FrancFranc for Ryan to hug the gigantic giraffe in the store.

Please nobody buy this "Friendly Giraffe". You will be breaking my little son's heart. He insists on hugging it when we enter the store and hugging it again when we leave the store. And no, please don't buy it for us, you kind and generous soul. Richard keeps telling me that the giraffe can fit in our living room (we have a double-storey height ceiling there). I feel like telling him that he will get more value for his money if he spent it at the Chanel store on a 2.55 or some accessories for his wife. Ahem.

Ryan blew off his energy at the water park. He spent well over an hour there in nothing but his diapers.

Yes, I was feeling as terrible as I looked. And the dinner wasn't much better either. Suffice to say that, when you have dinner at a seafood restaurant and the best dish is the veggie dish, you won't be back in a hurry.

Sunday morning started off nicely. Ryan was so excited to be going for swimming that he insisted on putting on his gear at home (instead of at the pool). Here he is modelling at Mr Prata, where we had breakfast. Just joking, he was just getting a look out the window.

We had a curry lunch at Rendezvous at Central Mall, where we also did a little shopping.

After Shichida class, we hung out at the Shichida lounge (ie. McDonald's), where Ryan tackled his first 100 piece puzzle. Puzzle piece in one hand, french fry in the other.

Ended the day out at Great World City, where Ryan got a balloon artist to make him a red car for $7. Did more shopping, including picking up a kick scooter for Ryan from Motherworks, which he was quite excited about.

Dinner at home and that was the end of our weekend.


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