Tuesday, October 23, 2012

UK Farm, Malaysia

So, three weekends ago, we went to Legoland, Malaysia. We stayed overnight in JB city and the next day, we drove to UK Farm in Kluang. The last 5-6 km was on an sandy/stony/untarred road bordered on both sides by tracts of green, with the occasional group of cows grazing or lying in the shade. 

UK Farm is Malaysia's largest goat and sheep farm. Apart from the various businesses related to goat and sheep farming, they do passion fruit farming and they also have a healthy tourism business (eg. farm stay, farm tour).

We bought a farm tour and our group of three families were driven around in a small open-air bus. The tour took about 3-4 hours. The actual duration depends on how long your group spends at each stop - the bus will wait patiently for you. For small groups, there is an option of taking a horse-drawn carriage, which will take slightly longer to complete the tour.

The first activity was feeding the goats/kids and sheep/lambs. The children took to this quite naturally!

Watched the goat herding. You can get as close as you want to!

In this next shot, we were listening to a presentation by the guide on ... something about how they prepare the hay ... I think ... actually I have no idea. I wasn't listening. I just wanted to snap photos. 

Next stop - the goat pens for more feeding! The children enjoyed the goat feeding very much, especially as the kids (the goat babies, not the human babies) were let out of the pen and everything was up close and personal.

It was off to feed the ostriches next. Before that, we stopped by a small farm patch where they served us organic tea - very refreshing and very much needed! Just like the day before at Legoland, the weather was hot hot hot!

A brief respite from the hot weather. In this area, there were some attap huts, supposedly to show us how the natives live. There was also a blow-pipe demonstration - a guy dressed as a native used a blowpipe to shoot at a balloon high up in the trees.

Next stop was a rest area, shaded and cool. There were a couple of shops there and I bought some passion fruit jam and passion fruit snacks for Ryan to bring to school. 

After that, it was the mushroom farm. A few different varieties were growing in the sheds. 

There was also an organic vegetable patch. I let everyone explore that while I hung back (in the shade) and looked around the area. 

There was a large wishing tree - you write your wish down and they put it in a little mesh bag and hang it on the tree.

There were also some wishing boards for people to write their wishes or good thoughts.

So that was the end of the tour. We went back to the lobby to rest and cool down. Rachel the babydoll spent the whole tour asleep in the carrier and woke up refreshed for this lovely photo.

Good tour, interesting stuff to see and the children enjoyed themselves. I would recommend that you go in a group - it's a lot more fun that way.


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