Friday, October 19, 2012

Waiting for Papa

Richard went to Jakarta for a day on Tuesday. The man has been busy busy busy. As he also left us for two days last week in Shenzhen, I told him that I will teach Ryan to call him "Uncle Richard", hahaha. I'm joking, of course. Ryan loves his papa very much!

So on Tuesday evening after work, I picked up the children from the nanny and drove us all to the airport. We got to Terminal 3 about 8-ish and had more than two hours to kill before the plane arrived. We wandered around until we came to Singkids. Ryan hasn't been to one of these indoor playgrounds for a very long time. In fact, I think the last time was one year ago when he was at a different Singkids outlet (see this post).

Anyway, Ryan was happy happy happy. He spent nearly two hours chasing balloons.

There was a younger boy there (about 2 years old) who kept wanting to hit/scratch Ryan. He would come up to Ryan and simply start hitting/scratching him - and his expression while doing it was EVIL, I'm not joking, ok. His father would go "No, no ..." from the side and the evil boy would go all innocent and surprised and doe-eyed. Then his father (and grandmother and grandfather) would laugh and chuckle. And then that evil boy would go for Ryan again.

There was once, ONCE, that Ryan nudged the little boy obviously thinking that this physical to-and-fro was a game that the little guy liked to play. The father immediately got off his butt and stepped in and told them (or told Ryan?), "No fighting!" Sigh. Sir, even though your son is certainly asking for it, my son is not going to fight with your son. In fact, Ryan was so friendly, he insisted on chaperoning the little fellow and followed him everywhere. Like I mentioned, Ryan just thought all that hitting and scratching was a game - you try to hit/scratch me and I'll try to squirm away. The little boy also kept pulling balloons out of the wind chamber and Ryan dutifully went around the place to collect the balloons to put them back where they belonged. Ryan did try to tag along with a pair of older girls but they were a little too strong and fast for him.

I didn't say or do anything as Ryan wasn't actually getting hurt and I didn't want to remove his illusion that it was a happy game. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the boy's father and grandparents knew who the bad guy was (ie. NOT Ryan).

Little Rachel chilled out and practised flipping and leopard crawling while all this was going on. My babydoll is 4 months old now!

After all that exertion, we went to have a quiet snack at McDonald's before strolling over to the gate to welcome Richard home. Ryan had such a good time that now he keeps saying, "I want to go airport airplane".

Happy weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the pic of Rachel with the one finger standing :-)


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