Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY Topponcino

Please forgive me if your eyes are hurting from the clash of colours and patterns in the photo! I wanted to show you the sleeping pad that I made for Rachel and this is the only photo that I took of it before I passed it to her nanny. The Minnie Mouse onesie is from her nanny - cute huh?

The sleeping pad is a Montessori recommendation. It is called a topponcino. I have seen it on a few Japanese sites so perhaps it's popular in Japan as well? It's a soft, flexible mattress useful for carrying baby, holding baby and transferring a sleeping baby from place to place without waking her. I made it following this tutorial (there is another tutorial here). I used an IKEA bath mat (NÄCKTEN) as a pattern.


Anonymous said...

I make topponcino in Greece.
Have a look here

Have a nice day.

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