Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Swimming update

Here's a Youtube video of Ryan at swimming class last Sunday. It's less than a minute long. In the second scene in the video, you can see the coach chuckling at him. The children were supposed to choose a toy from the basket and swim across with the toy. The coach was chuckling because Ryan, who is the smallest swimmer in the class, very enthusiastically chose the biggest toy!


Here's another video (about 20 seconds long) - Ryan is "surfing"!

The coach is teaching them to do the butterfly stroke in the second video - you can see her guiding Ryan into the motion after he gets off the "surfboard". And yes, you may have notice that Ryan's coach is no longer Coach Dave. The change happened a few months back. We are still at the same time slot; the school just changed the coach. Anyway, we think it's a good thing because Ryan is ready for more serious pool work now so having a change in his coach helps to signal a change in the pool activities too.


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