Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rachel's newborn photoshoot at 11 days old


These were done by Dan at White Room Studio when Rachel was 11 days old. Alicia and Shann had very generously bought a session for me as a birthday present back in April. It was the third newborn photoshoot we had done with Rachel and I was honestly not expecting anything different from the first two. However, when Dan showed me the photos, they were so beautiful that we just went, "Wow...". We bought nearly all the shots which he presented! It was so tough to choose my very favourites for this post. The first few ones of Rachel in her little lace romper are so tender and serene - you can really feel the innocence of a newborn. I also love the family shots! Of special mention is the last shot in this post because Rachel is holding her head up on her own (which is unusual for an 11-day old) and looking straight at the camera. Looks like we've got another model in the family!



Aw, such a sweetheart, and you are certainly a yummy mummy! P.S. do drop by my blog today for a little surprise for you! Have a super lovely day :)

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