Friday, September 21, 2012

Shichida term report

At last, the work week is closing! I will be very glad to stay away from the central business district - the traffic around my office has been a nightmare for the past few days due to the road closures for the F1 race this weekend. We are looking forward to meeting up with friends and eating well - you can't help but be happy when hit with good company and good food!

On Sunday, Ryan will be having his last Shichida class for this term. Next week will be term break and he will start another term in October. Ryan has been attending Shichida for three years already!

We got his term report last week. This is what Teacher Hirin wrote:

"Dear Ryan, you are extremely motivated and always give your 100% participation in class! :) You demonstrated superior performance in fixing IQ blocks, reading words or short sentences during literacy games, and have mastered addition as well as subtraction activities too! ;) You also demonstrate responsible behaviour in caring for the immediate environment for example helping Mummy to pack up materials once you are done with a particular activity or helping Teacher Hirin to clean the table with the wet wipes! ;) Love your positive energy you bring in class every Sunday afternoon, my dear! ;) "

Wonderful job, Ryan!

In other news, Rachel's hair is standing up again, hurray! I think she knows the weekend is here - getting zesty! Happy weekend everyone!


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