Thursday, September 27, 2012

Celebrating Richard's birthday

Richard had a birthday on Monday and the two of us had a lovely dinner at the incomparable Jaan at Swissotel the Stamford. The photo above shows the view from the restaurant (which is on the 70th floor). The food was amazing and the service was impeccable. There were only three tables of diners in the entire restaurant so it was very private and just lovely.

Of course we celebrated Richard's birthday with the children as well - on Saturday, we went over to Shann's place for a simple celebration plus an early lantern walkabout for the upcoming mooncake festival.

(By the way, this is the ONLY photo of me. Richard - please take note and take remedial action.)

Ryan was absolutely overjoyed to be reunited with his pals. We arrived around 6 pm and, as we were walking towards Shann's door, Rou Ern (who was inside) saw Ryan and hurried towards the door. When Ryan realised it was Rou Ern, he started running as fast as he could towards her! It was as if he didn't want to waste a single minute! It was incredible to see how much the children missed each other, and I even felt a little guilty for not meeting up more often with Shann and Alicia so that our children could be together more often! When Brayden arrived, the club was complete and they played and played up till the very last minute.

Okay, nothing much else to say. Time for photos! 

We didn't buy a new lantern for Ryan because his nanny usually buys one for him. Here he is holding his SpongeBob Squarepants lantern from two years ago. Rou Ern is holding a traditional paper lantern with a candle inside, which she subsequently passed over to Ryan.

Having fun with sparklers!

The fun continues indoors! As usual, Rou Ern leads the way, Brayden is next and Ryan brings up the rear.

Baby Rachel and Baby Zi Ern (Shann's younger daughter) took turns in the rocker and waited patiently for attention. They were both very happy babies, I don't recall either of them fussing. Hmm... no photos of the two babies, so here's one of Rachel that was taken at home!

Happy birthday Richard and many more to come!


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