Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rachel's Lookbook - 0-3 months

Despite the blog poll results predicting that a baby boy was to be expected (17 votes for boy and 9 votes for girl), Rachel turned out to be a darling little girl. Which means a lot more fashion choices!

Having said that, we have managed to keep her wardrobe fairly minimal. We learned a lesson from when Ryan was an infant. Ryan had so many clothes that he didn't get to wear a lot of them, and some he only wore once or twice (actually, at three years old, he still has an overflowing wardrobe!).

So here's a peek into Rachel's wardrobe. The pieces here are what she's been wearing since she was born till now. She has some other outfits which were gifts (I'm not showing those here) and some simple white/yellow cotton tops and bottoms which she wears mainly at home (hand-me-downs from Ryan's time). I didn't bother to photograph those.

A kimono top and a onesie from Zutano. These are made from organic fabric. We weren't specifically looking out for organic clothing but there was a dearth of choices for newborns and we needed an outfit to bring Rachel home from the hospital in, so we picked these up (she came home in the pink onesie). These are in newborn size and she outgrew them pretty quickly, so I would say that if your baby is more than 3 kg at birth, skip the newborn size (Rachel was 2.98 kg at birth).

Newborn-size bottoms, also from Zutano.

These lovely delicate cotton tops are from Bonpoint (size is for 1 month). I like Bonpoint. I find their pieces simple, elegant and very well made.

More French fashion - these are from Chateau de Sable. Beautifully made - both are fully lined and you can see how, on the dress on the right, the blue circles on both sides of the centre pleat match up.

A pink top from Sonia Rykiel Enfant - the fabric is amazingly soft. The sparkles on the chest spell "princesse" - yup, with the extra "e" at the end for a touch of glamour. The initials "SR" appear on the left cuff, which I found amusing because those are Rachel's initials in reverse! The leggings are from Microbe by Miss Grant.

Sundresses which we bought very cheaply in Malaysia (the brand is Kitchoun). I like to pair the dress on the right with the handmade barefoot sandals pictured below.

Handmade ruffled bloomers which I like to pair with this white top with butterfly sleeves from Mothercare.

This white dress with blue embroidery is from BloomB - looks very cute on the baby, especially if your baby is chubby. The reversible BabyGap cardigan is a hand-me-down from Ryan's time, which we keep around just in case. So far, Rachel hasn't had to wear it because a blanket is usually our first recourse if she gets cold.

Tutu skirts of course! These are handmade. I bought them mainly for Rachel's photoshoots. We haven't worn them otherwise.

Handmade strapless lace rompers. Also bought mainly for photoshoots but they can be worn anytime, anywhere.

These are hand-me-downs from Ryan's time - a Levi's onesie and sleepwear from Fox.

Last but not least - a pink top with an envelope neckline from Mothercare, which I photographed on the model!


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