Thursday, May 7, 2015

Little dragon girl

Babydoll was born in the Year of the Dragon and, yes, she breathes fire.

When I try to help her with something, she will simply say, "No, I can do it". And she usually manages to. Except for braiding hair and tying ribbons - I'm not out of a job just yet, heh.

If we tell her not to do something and she persists, we sometimes tell her - I said, "No". To which she will shoot right back - I say "YES"!

When she saw that a boy had pushed her big brother, she gave him the stink-eye. She coolly and firmly reprimanded him, "Hey, don't hurt my brother!" (That boy was a little bigger than her big brother and certainly a lot bigger than her.)

She will run along with boys twice her size to play football and she always manages to grab the ball in her arms, stubbornly holding on to it, despite the big boys crowding around her to get the ball back in the game. Fearless.

She learned to swim last month, simply because she dared to.

She will tell you, consistently, that her name is spelt "SUBW". Recently, she added an "I" to the end. Her big brother's name, she will inform you, is spelt "RTZY". She will not accept any challenge on this.

I always think that this quote from Shakespeare is apt to describe babydoll - "And though she be but little, she is fierce!" I've got to get that on a T-shirt/bag for her!


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