Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Visit to Petrosains

On our last visit to KL about three weeks ago, we took the littles to Petrosains, the science discovery centre in Suria KLCC. Have you been to Petrosains? It was our first time inside! We always walk past the entrance on Level 4 of the mall thinking that the place seemed so small - actually it is only the entrance that is on Level 4. The centre occupies levels 4 and 5 and there is a total exhibit area of more than 70,000 square feet. I left my brother outside, thinking that we'll just be half an hour or so (he said he'd go to the bookshop). As it turned out, it took us four hours to get through the centre, and that's without looking at all of the exhibits!

The exhibits are all related to the science and technology of the petroleum industry. There is even a replica of an oil rig which you can "board" and explore. Most of the exhibits are hands-on and some are interactive. These interactive screens were very popular with the littles. We spent a long time in that little area, playing with the screens.

It was a good outing, the littles enjoyed it and they were sorry to leave.


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