Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sewing for Ryan - Jacob pants from Zonen 09

It's going to be a patchy blogging week, folks, as you would have detected by now. I am enjoying having Ryan on holiday and we are busy, busy, busy - too much fun to get to, too little time! Ryan goes back to school next week so things should normalise then. 

In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos of these green pants that I sewed for Ryan recently. 

I asked Ryan what he would like me to sew for him next and he said a pair of long pants. I asked him what colour? and he said green, which he says is his favourite colour. And that was how these pants were born.

These are the Jacob pants by Zonen 09. Zonen 09 is a Belgian company creating sewing patterns for boys. I absolutely love this pattern - quite an easy sew yet the details give the pants a very professional finish. I felt really accomplished when I finished them.


The cut is slightly bootleg, which is a breath of fresh air for me, after sewing so many straight and skinny cut pants. I love the retro vibe!

My favourite detail, and perhaps the distinguishing feature that make the Jacob pants instantly recognisable (other than the cut), are the pintucks running down the pant legs, both front and back.

I added blue piping along the front pockets. Richard made the two blue buttons for the back pleated pockets. 

I chose the false fly option, with a closed waistband. I might try the zipper fly option next.

Gosh, the photos are crappy! They were taken in poor light and Ryan Would.Not.Stop.Dancing! No biggie, you'll probably see these pants on the blog again, hopefully in more flattering light.

Ok, back to our holiday! We are planning a small outing on Friday night with friends. Hope the weather holds!


Sue said...

Love the retro look and the details on the pants!
Well done Mummy! :)

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