Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yet more randomness

I'm not quite ready to come back yet, maybe
another week or two, but the longer I stay
away, the more I'm looking forward to coming
back. I've missed this space! Bear with me ok?

I have been receiving some lovely emails from
readers - always wonderful and always brings a
smile to my day. Thanks for dropping by the blog!

In the meantime, here are some bits and pieces of
our recent adventures.

- Ryan has been watching this series called
"Word World" on DVD and he absolutely
loves it. I mentioned before that he's presently
into words and letters (and numbers)
and this series introduces new words and how to
spell them, so he can't get enough of it.

- We've moved Ryan to a different slot for
swimming. I mentioned before that his classmates
have all progressed way ahead of him (because we
don't put him in the water often enough) so we've
switched him to a different class where the
children are still at his level. Also, it starts a little
later than his previous class, which means we
have a better chance of being on time!

- Ryan had a haircut last weekend, his shortest yet.
He sat on the (raised) seat on his own and was very

- While we were waiting for his turn at the salon,
we managed to catch a mini-musical! We were at
Forum the Shopping Mall and there was a free
performance at the atrium, which took about 30
minutes. A trio of performers expertly acted and
sang the story of The Gruffalo! Ryan knows the
story inside out and he was captivated!

- We recently introduced the bottle to Ryan at
home, although he still latches whenever he
wants to. I've stopped pumping at work and his
nanny has been giving him formula for a while
now. He still needs to latch to sleep when he's at
home though. I'll do a separate post on that soon.

- Here's a short 25-sec Youtube video of Ryan
dancing to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.
He's actually trying to focus on eating his french
fries but the rhythm just got the better of him.
We were at McDonald's.


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