Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random updates

Yes, I know I took twice as long a break as I said I would. All in the name of good things!

Rest assured that the absence of blogging in the past two weeks translates directly to the presence of lots of hearty living. Some highlights of the past two weeks:

- I was interviewed via phone by Young Parents Magazine on my thoughts on enrichment classes for little ones. No claims to fame - I was only one of many parents interviewed. Will share when I see the article in print.

- On 7 November (which was a public holiday), we went to see the musical Jack and the Beanstalk by SRT's The Little Company (still showing up till 11 Dec 2011). Ryan enjoyed that very much.

- Ryan is getting noticeably taller and heavier so we dug out the stroller from the storeroom to see if he might have any interest in sitting in it. He never did and still doesn’t.

- Richard and I took two days off work last week and had some couple time. Spent a day running errands and the next day at the movies. We watched Hugh Jackman do his stuff in “Real Steel”.

- After missing swimming class for three weeks, Ryan finally got into the water last Sunday and he was all smiles. He’s probably the student who has made the least progress in his class but, as long as he’s flashing that dimple, who cares.

- I’ve been reading food and cooking blogs and getting inspired. We finally checked out the ToTT store at Dunearn Road last Sunday (we had lunch at the Bistro) and after walking through all that cooking and baking goodness, I’m more than inspired now.

- Artwork continues in all mediums. Looking at these two pieces, I'm starting to understand why abstract art is so valuable. As an adult, I can never paint like this. "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child" - Pablo Picasso.

- Like most children his age, Ryan is still ambidextrous. He did this using both hands simultaneously. This piece is strangely psychedelic - staring at it for a while makes me go into 3D mode.

- Ryan has also become very interested in writing – here’s something he wrote recently. Can you decipher it?

(It's the word RADIO)

- And yes, I'm making something! This little project is extremely energy-zapping! I’ll share it with you when it’s a little further along. At the moment, it looks nothing like the end-product.

Hope you've been living it up!



Ryan is so cute! and thanks for the tip about the musical -- something to do for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Tiger looks so cosy cuddling up in his bed. :-)
how old is he?

Pinkie Pirate said...

Tiger is an old man - I think he came to us as a kitten nearly 13 years ago!

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