Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trip to KL

We're back from a long trip to Malaysia.  The first weekend there was spent mostly eating and lazing about with friends who were visiting from Singapore (the Loos, the Ngs, the Leows and the Gohs).

After our friends left, it was time to get down to business - moving house! The renovation work at our new condo in PJ is just about done now and so it was time to pack up our unit in KL and move over.  We plan to fix up the KL unit and lease it out.

The movers came on Thursday so we had about two days to pack up. The move went pretty smoothly and on Friday, we spent our first night in the new condo. We had to leave for Singapore on Saturday and that was pretty depressing to do - imagine moving into your nice new home and "moving out" the next day! If only we had more time to enjoy the place!

Anyway, back to Singapore it was. Sunday was a pleasant day, we skipped swimming (it was drizzling) and spent the morning at Vivocity. After Shichida class, we met up with the Leows at Marina Barrage and then some other friends (the Gohs and the Loos) joined us for dinner at Tony Roma's at Suntec City.

Here are some shots taken during our trip to KL.

Having noodles at a roadside hawker stall.

Playing badminton with his cousins.

Helping to clean up.

Lunch with his cousins at mizu, a Japanese restaurant in Bangsar Village.

Chilling out at A&W after a swim in the condo pool.


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