Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A short update

I know posts on the blog have been few these past few weeks. Take that as a good sign that life has been very full and I haven't had the luxury of being alone with my notebook to properly compose a post.

Just some notes for now.

Our new condo is keeping us occupied - we just finalised the design of the kitchen and the wardrobes yesterday. Hopefully everything will be installed by end April. The next time we go back to KL, we will just need to buy the fridge and the beds. After that comes all the packing and shifting out of the old condo and the unpacking and the settling in at the new condo. And, when we've recovered from all that, we will need to do up the old condo and get it leased out.

Back home, Richard and Ryan are not feeling well. Apparently, there is a flu virus going around and the soggy weather isn't helping. Ryan had to miss his swimming lesson and his Shichida lesson last Sunday and Richard is off work for two days.

Last week, we spent quite a lot of time shopping for toys.  I realised that we haven't sourced new toys for Ryan for quite some time and he's fast outgrowing the toys which he has now. We buy lots of books and Ryan loves to read, but a boy needs his toys!

Richard and I have been visiting some pre-schools to find a suitable one for Ryan. Not an easy task because they aren't usually open on weekends so we've had to take time off work here and there to do this. I've got quite a lot to report, so I'll save this for a separate post. I've also been reading up on various teaching/learning methods, all quite fascinating.

Lastly, I've been working on some changes to the blog, which I will reveal soon.


Doofus said...

Does cod liver oil help? We will be in KL 30 june to 10 july, hopefully we can visit your new place then!

Kenny Leow said...

mdm, looking forward to your report...

Pinkie Pirate said...

Cod liver oil? Gosh, that's from our childhood eh! Nowadays all the fancy stuff. Looking forward to seeing you guys in June!

Kenny: Akan datang!

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