Sunday, February 21, 2010


We drove home to Singapore last night so that Ryan could attend his swimming lesson this morning.

We have switched him to the pool at Tanglin Village, which is heated and nearer to our house. When we first inquired with Aquaducks many months ago, our first choice was Tanglin Village but we were told that they had a vacancy at Suntec City on Sunday afternoon so we went there instead. However, we had to rush to get to the lesson (because it is just after Ryan's noontime nap) and the pool at Suntec City can get terribly cold when the weather is hot.

So I managed to get a transfer to Tanglin Village. It's great because the pool is heated and it takes us five minutes to get there. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, eg. travelling, Ryan has had to miss all the classes up till today. I felt quite bad about that so I made sure that, when we were in KL, we went swimming in the condo pool as often as we could.

Ryan definitely enjoys the water. We went to see a showflat in KL and there was a water feature in the foyer - Ryan squealed with delight when he saw it. He crawled over to it straightaway and started splashing the water about and he even wanted to climb into it!


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