Richard's parents and sisters (Margaret and Mary) and Margaret's three children (Jerica, Malcolm and Justin) came to visit us from 17 to 20 November. It was good to see everyone as, other than Mary who just visited us in September, we had not seen each other since May. We had a great time and celebrated Jerica's 11th birthday and an early Christmas too.

Richard's parents gave us a jade pendant for our baby, which I'm supposed to wear till baby is delivered, after which baby will wear it. It belonged to Richard's mum. They also brought some bird's nest and some chinese herbs. Aunty Margaret gave us some new baby clothes, 2 sarongs for easy breastfeeding and stretchmark cream. She also gave us some stuff she bought during their last trip to Langkawi - a pair of slippers for me and a shirt for Richard. Thank you!

Here's a picture of the pendant.

Here's a picture of Aunty Margaret's gifts for the baby:


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