Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thalessemia scare!

Yesterday, the clinic called and told me that my blood test results showed that I had low hemoglobin levels. One cause could be thalessemia so Dr Chan wants both of us to go for a thalessemia blood test. So, this morning we went to the hospital to have our blood drawn. Richard hates needles and is confident he does not have thalessemia, however he has no choice but to undergo the experience with me, otherwise he will have to come up with some fantastic excuse to tell Dr Chan.
The blood test was done fairly quickly. As I just had blood drawn two days ago from my right arm, today the nurse drew blood from my left. I wasn't too bothered, needles don't really trouble me.
Slightly worried about this. I am confident I don't have thalessemia major but could I have thalessemia minor? Hoping it is just mild anaemia brought on by the pregnancy. Fingers crossed!


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