Friday, June 7, 2013

Yupi Land

We are back from Jakarta! Got in just before midnight, safe and sound. This time, both the children were awake throughout the flight. Here they are with some interesting freebies from SQ - a hippo hand puppet and a Madagascar two-sided jigsaw puzzle.

Actually Ryan didn't quite make it to the end - right after the plane touched down at Changi International Airport and started taxi-ing to the gate, he fell asleep. One moment he was telling everyone that he was back in Singapore, the next moment he was out cold. He stayed that way all the way home till the next morning.

Not too surprising, as it was pretty late. I was actually hoping that he would nap during the flight like he did on the way to Jakarta. He was pretty zonked for that flight, as was I, as we all woke up in the wee hours of the morning to be at the airport at 4.30 am. Thankfully, he was pretty cheerful and very good-natured that morning, despite being very sleepy and tired. Here he was, at the check-in counter, my little sleepyhead.

There were a few highlights of our short trip, including bumping into the entire Dutch national football team at our hotel and seeing Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben. The Dutch national team were in town to play a match against the Indonesian national team. I didn't get any autographs or photographs though I did ogle them a little, especially when they were in the swimming pool, hahaha.

Yesterday, we ventured a little farther from the hotel and spent the afternoon in Batavia in Jakarta Old Town. I'll tell you about it in my next post. For today, I want to share with you this place we visited on our first day in Jakarta - Yupi Land!

Do you know Yupi? The gummy jelly candy? It is an Indonesian brand. Ryan's nanny introduced it to him and she gives him a few from time to time, so Ryan is aware of what it is.

Anyway, there was a set up of Yupi Land in Pacific Plaza. It's quite tiny - just a short walk through a tunnel. At the entrance, you have all these trees, mushrooms, flowers, and animals like snakes and little elephants, and they are covered in Yupi candy... I kid you not. You can see each piece of candy on these things. You can touch them, press them and poke them and feel their soft gelatinous texture. At first I was a little amazed. Then I was a little disgusted. Ryan was happy though - it takes a lot to turn a child off Yupi, huh!

Less gelatinous structures inside the tunnel...

... although there were still a few here and there, like this white lamb and the green tree trunk (cut off at the left side of the photo). There was a Yupi candy piece missing from the tree trunk... hmm.

Ryan was so happy that he wanted to visit Yupi Land one more time before we left. Unfortunately (for him), the tunnel was closed when we went back again, so we just wandered around outside and examined the Yupi animals and plants surrounding the tunnel.

It was an experience to remember, actually.


Sue said...

Welcome back!
Wow, never knew there was Yupi land, Ryan must have had a time of his life :P WJ loves the jelly too... haha kids are kids :)

Hope Rachel had a great time flying too!
I'm slowing getting into a routine at home so I should be able to find more time to come online. I have a photo I want to send you. I'll try to do that in the next 48 hours :)

Have a wonderful weekend Leona!

Pinkie Pirate said...

Hey Sue - yes I was so surprised to see Yupi Land. Never in my wildest dreams... haha! Good to hear you're settling in nicely!

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