Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Celebrating Rachel's birthday again

On Rachel's actual birthday (yesterday), we took the family out for dinner at House at Dempsey. We planned to let Ryan have their truffle fries but Ryan fell asleep just as we arrived at the restaurant! We were determined to carry on, so I carried him into the restaurant and the staff let us have the setting with the couch so that he could carry on sleeping.

Rachel had all our attention then! She enjoyed herself - munching on truffle fries and climbing onto the table. Happy little one year old!

Babydoll wouldn't stay belted in her high chair so we took turns to eat and look after her. Richard ate first and when he cradled her in his arms afterwards while I ate, babydoll quickly fell asleep. That was the end of her birthday dinner, and the start of dinner for Richard and I. We both sat down, relaxed and had unhurried grown-up dinner conversation. We even ordered dessert! We lingered and lounged about for a long time, until the restaurant emptied out and we reluctantly decided that we should get everyone home.

A good night for Richard and I, even if it didn't turn out the way we planned. Happy birthday Rachel darling, and a pat on the back for Richard and me, on our first anniversary as parents of two.


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