Saturday, June 29, 2013

A good Saturday

My ambition for the weekend is to restore sanity to my home. The lights are getting replaced and fixed, the floor is going to get a good mop, and I am going to excavate and evacuate as much as I can.

This was the scene this morning when the lighting contractors came to replace our light bulbs and some of our light fittings. As my home brightened up, so did my mood.

After a late lunch at home, we ventured out to Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City. Picked up a load of books from there and proceeded to Sabai for dinner. Ryan was asleep the whole time. Rachel was awake so we took turns to eat and look after her. She no longer wants to sit in the high chair and is always moving about, so one of us has to be completely focused on her at all times.

Ryan woke up after dinner but he was disinterested and unenthusiastic and wanted to lie in the stroller. But hey hey! Look who we bumped into!

Yes, it's his good pal, Brayden! We were in the lift down to the car park at B3 when the lift stopped at the atrium at B2 and, through the open doors, we saw the kids' fair going on. We decided to hop out and take a look. We had been searching for a white shirt for Ryan and hadn't had any luck at Takashimaya, so we thought we'd try the fair. As fate would have it, Brayden and family were at the fair too! And look - both boys are wearing Superman T-shirts! How coincidental is that?!!

Ryan perked up immediately upon seeing Brayden, practically leaping out of the stroller. Brayden and family had yet to have their dinner and Ryan needed his dinner too, so we latched ourselves onto them and we all went to Crystal Jade Kitchen. The two boys spent the night running around, talking, laughing, hugging and holding hands.

We were the last ones to leave the restaurant and we were also among the last few cars to leave the mall. The littles fell asleep soon after we got home, as it was already pretty late by that time. A good day, I'm sure everyone will have sweet dreams.


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