Monday, June 24, 2013

Back home and staying at home

We got back on Sunday, greeted by clear skies and upbeat spirits. Funny how the weather affects everyone's mood. The haze hit KL hard on Sunday so we felt doubly blessed. We bought two air purifiers in KL and stuffed them in our car boot with our luggage - now that's what I call a big boot. If the haze returns, we plan to give one to our nanny.

Our nanny is on holiday for a few days so I'm at home with the littles till she gets back. It is tiring but good. Except when it comes to nap time! Not good! The littles tend not to nap when i am home with them - it is a departure from their routine so maybe they think they don't have to nap? Where is the 'OFF' button on these two?? Haha!

Actually, it's all good. During naptime, we lie down and we talk, and I'm just as guilty as Ryan for starting new conversation topics instead of focusing on sleeping. Relaxed and physically in contact, it is a natural moment for bonding and connecting. So we talk. About anything. About everything.

I guess naptime becomes frustrating because I want to go do something else. But really, when I think about it, isn't having a quiet moment bonding with my son something to be cherished? And really, does it matter if he falls asleep or not? He is already four and a half, having some quiet downtime does go a long way in providing a pressure release, so I shouldn't be worrying about that part. So, when I feel like time is being wasted as I wait for him to fall asleep, I think about it and realize how absurd I am to feel that way. Lying down, chatting quietly with him, sharing secrets and jokes, fears and hopes, I am making the best possible use of my time. If I were to give this up to do my chores... well, that would be a waste then, wouldn't it?

Here are some photos of the littles - hope they entertain you as much as they entertain me!


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