Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In Jakarta

We are in Jakarta for a few days for both business and pleasure. It was a last minute thing, still do-able as we are going to be here for just a few days.

We took an SQ flight at 6.30 am yesterday. Had to get to the airport at 4.30 am! Everyone slept on the flight and Ryan continued sleeping all the way to the hotel. Thankfully, we were seamlessly transferred from the airport to our room - we even had our check-in done in our room. Shangri-La - you are the best.

I find Jakarta, or at least the area around the hotel, to be a lot like some parts of KL city. We are very comfortable - people are friendly and it's easy to get around. We can speak and read the language, plus food is familiar. Wi-Fi coverage is very good - even better than Singapore!

We spent yesterday shopping and sleeping - not a bad way to spend a day away from the office. Today is mainly business for me while Richard spends the day with the children. Wish him luck!


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