Thursday, June 20, 2013

In other non-haze related news...

I have nothing fresh to contribute to the hot topic of the day (ie. the haze), so I'm sharing some photos from our recent trip to KL, which coincided with Father's Day.

The kids got to spend some time with their grandmother from Australia.

Rachel still likes her uncle very much (my brother). She is starting to fuss when strangers pick her up now, but she never fusses with him.

On Father's Day, we went out with the family to celebrate the three fathers: Richard's dad, Jimmy and Richard. Jimmy couldn't join us for dinner so we continued the celebration at Margaret's house after that with Jimmy there.

Here's Rachel wearing a dress that Richard's parents bought for her for her birthday.

Here are my boys, the next day, at a restaurant called "Departure Lounge" in Uptown.

The trip was short and sweet. Rachel spent every night sleeping in her grandmother's room, which gave Richard and me a good rest. Ryan had lots of fun with his cousins and declared to us that, "I love Malaysia!" 


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