Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend update

Ryan started his weekend with violin class. We were happy to hear from his teacher that he is doing really well. Half of his class are not able to catch on (or is it more than half? I'm not sure how many students are in his class) and one student has even dropped out. Either they are not ready or violin is not their thing. Ryan's teacher has identified three students whom he says can make it and Ryan is one of them. The next six weeks will be crucial though, as they will be moving on to tougher stuff.

Ryan finally got the chance to try out this painting thing. He has been asking for a go every time we pass the booth but we never had the time. We didn't really have the time again this time, but I decided, what the heck, so we made a stop and he was so excited and grinned non-stop. We were late for our next appointment but it was totally worth it. 

On Saturday, Richard and I attended our 20th year junior college reunion. Everyone was recognisable.

Ryan tried out his new swimming suit on Sunday! I asked him to pose and this is what I got.

Shopping at Ngee Ann City to pass the time before Shichida class. Ryan spent a good few minutes lovingly caressing these letters outside the Candylicious shop.

After Shichida, we drove over to Changi Airport T3 for a satisfying meal at Gurney Drive. Ryan has been asking to go to the playground at Singkids so that's where we headed after that. These photos were taken en route at the Angry Birds set up. We stuck around for the show but I would advise you not to bother if you are there. No Angry Birds showed up, just a lot of dry ice and an astronaut on a pole.

Hope you had a good weekend!


Karmeleon said...

What's important about the next 6 weeks ? It's the holidays leh ! ;-)

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