Friday, November 9, 2012

Musical interludes

Last month on Facebook, I recounted an episode with Ryan. I was putting him to bed and singing lullabies when he started shaking his head. "Don't like this one? Which one do you want?" I asked. He said, "ABC" so I started singing the ABC song. Halfway through, he started shaking his head again and told me, "Ryan's ABC". So HE started singing the ABC song and once done, he fell asleep.

Well, I was not happy at all. No. No. No. In fact, I was in a state of mild panic at the thought that my lullaby-singing days had an expiry date. Although Ryan has not done that again, the very thought that we would one day close this musical chapter makes me determined to find a way to preserve the songs and the music that mark his childhood. That is my next project!

As for Rachel, well, the same applies. We are finding our favourites, just as Ryan and I have our specials. Rachel's current favourite is this beautiful song: "Autumn Leaves" (from Paolo Nutini's first album titled "These Streets"). The moment she hears it, she calms and stills immediately. Do have a listen. I hope you like it as much as we do.

It's not a traditional lullaby, it's not even a children's song. It's actually a really sad, emotional piece, written for Paolo's grandfather when he passed away. We have never limited our repertoire - good music is good music, and I believe that all human beings, including children, can appreciate good music.

Incidentally, Ryan's favourite song from Paolo Nutini's first album is "New Shoes". He asks for it often, "I want to listen to 'put your new shoes on', Mama" and we like to sing it in the car.

Sorry, I don't have the links to the songs, but you can find them easily on any internet search engine.

Do you have any special songs that you share with your children?


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