Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rachel's Visit to the PD

We brought Rachel to the PD yesterday for her routine vaccinations (two jabs and one oral). As usual, we didn't have any questions to ask, and it was over fairly quickly. It was a casual consultation - the main purpose was to do the vaccinations. We did get her weight - 6.65 kg - but not her length/height. Dr Ngiam also told us that we can start her on solids in about a month's time.

I'm not sure how long I want to continue with breastfeeding. With Ryan, the issue never really came up because I knew I was going to breastfeed Rachel anyway. Now, if we stop at two, then I will have to make a (hard) decision as to when to stop breastfeeding. Ah well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. It won't be for some time yet.

At the moment, I'm latching both of them, sometimes simultaneously, although Ryan only at night and when he wakes up in the morning. I have to say that I don't like tandem nursing and I try not to if I can. In all the years that I nursed Ryan at my breast and now Rachel, I have always found our sessions a time to cherish and a time for cherishing my children. I have never felt like a "cow" or a milk bottle. However, when I tandem nurse, I feel exactly like a "cow". I can't move; I just sit there and focus on making sure that the two of them are comfortable, that they are not getting in each other's way, and able to access the breast comfortably to achieve a good latch. There is not a lot of focus on bonding. To me, it feels purely functional and I don't like it.

In other more uplifting news, Rachel has been crawling with her bottom off the floor! She has been at it for a couple of weeks now. A step up from leopard crawling!


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