Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A reunion in KL

We went back to KL on Thursday night and stayed till Sunday. One of my cousins was getting married on Saturday so the family gathered together for the occasion.

Tea ceremony

In addition to us coming in from Singapore, there were relatives who came in from Ipoh, England and Australia. My cousin put some of them up in serviced apartments in Shah Alam and we spent most of Friday hanging out there with them. Ryan was in good spirits and very chatty. His mood improved even more when we popped by Richard's sister's house after dinner and he could play with his cousins.

Ryan collecting his red packet

Rachel collecting her red packet
The wedding was on Saturday and it was a fun and rowdy occasion because there are a lot of gregarious relatives on our side. My grandmother has nine children (see this photo below of the nine of them plus my grandma) and from her nine children, she has twenty grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Which means that I have 17 cousins on this side. Ryan and Rachel have 7 cousins on this side (ie. not counting their cousins on Richard's side) and this number is going to increase. I am very close to some of my uncles and aunts, as they looked after me in my teenage years, and I adore all of them.

The tea ceremony was in the morning and, after lunch, we were left to our own devices. Richard and I left Ryan and Rachel with Richard's sister, Margaret, for about two hours while we went shopping at 1 Utama - we bought some clothes (for me and for the children), accessories, magazines, etc. 

For the wedding dinner, the bride's older sister made cake pops (200 of them!) as wedding favours, in addition to the wedding favours provided by the restaurant. I helped to tie some of the labels on!

Rachel was passed around from arm to arm - like a ladies' handbag, hahaha! I'm joking, she was completely adored and everyone was so enamoured by her. She stayed awake the whole time and didn't fuss at all. Everyone kept commenting how smile-y she was! Someone told me that I must have been very happy during my pregnancy because Rachel was such a happy and smile-y baby. Come to think of it, I was indeed very happy when I was carrying her.

Rachel with Uncle Jim and Aunty Ping Kee
Rachel with her grandma
Here's Ryan and me, with his great-grandma!

Photos of me with my cousins! Not all the cousins are in the photos unfortunately ...

The next day, my relatives went up to Genting Highlands. We didn't join them though. We met up with Richard's side for lunch at Tropicana City Mall and squeezed in a little more shopping - some books, some clothes for the children, a jigsaw puzzle for Ryan, some videos, etc.

After that, we left the two littles with Richard's sister and paid a visit to Terri's family who recently suffered a bereavement. Picked up my mum and brother for dinner and drove back to Margaret's place to pick up the littles - they were attending a big party at a neighbour's house! The road outside the house was crammed with cars, there were something like ten dining tables on the house lawn and there was even a satay-man grilling satay for the guests! Went inside to hunt for our children and found Ryan happily eating at the table with the rest of the family. We picked up Rachel, went for dinner and came back for Ryan. Left KL at about 10.30 pm and arrived in Singapore at about 1.30 am.

Some more photos to share.

Ryan in the bathtub. Rub-a-dub-dub! He's playing with his new boat. It has a few different magnetic parts which you can stick on the deck to form different types of boats.

Ryan checking out my cousin's sugar glider.

Ryan with his cousins, Malcolm and Justin.

Rachel and her grandma (Richard's mum).

As always, it was a good trip. Wonderful to see everyone and the two littles got to spend some quality time with their grandparents and their cousins.


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