Thursday, November 29, 2012

Surprise birthday party!

Yesterday was Shann's birthday. Alicia and I planned a surprise birthday dinner for her. Shann didn't suspect at all, so it was really fun.

Shann's hubby, Ee Fann, decided on Casa Verde at Gardens by the Bay. The place was relatively deserted on a weekday evening (plus the soggy weather helped to keep people away). It drizzled a little but, on the whole, the weather was kind and it didn't rain.

Chris bought the birthday cake - yam cake from Angie the Choice!

The kids really enjoyed being together. I had been telling Ryan that we were going to meet up with his pals on Wednesday and he told me it should be Friday (the last time we met up with them, it was Friday), so he was pretty pleased that he didn't have to wait another two days!

I only got in one photo of myself! Rachel spent most of the evening asleep with Richard in the carrier, so you can just see a tiny bit of her tutu skirt peeking out from the carrier.

Happy Birthday Shann!

Alicia made a lovely birthday card to go along with the birthday gift. Here she is with her lovely family.

Happiest of all were the kids, of course, but it was a good outing for the adults too. Wonderful night, great way to lift the mid-week blues!


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