Friday, November 16, 2012

Kid Pants and easing off on screentime ban

As promised, here is the pair of pants I sewed up for Ryan a couple of days ago. I like them a lot - the seersucker fabric drapes well, the colour is cheerful and the fit is perfect. I made them using the popular Kid Pants pattern from

They look like pajama bottoms here and they are actually comfortable enough to be pajama bottoms. Nevertheless, I intend to style them for wearing out. I'm thinking a white T-shirt and sneakers? Very casual, very cool, very hip.

And yes, that's an iPhone you see in Ryan's hands. We have eased off on the zero-tolerance ban on screens so he gets the iPhone off and on plus a video here and there. Mostly when he is with Richard, hahaha! I guess men and boys think the same way, right? Richard mainly lets Ryan use the phone when they are in Richard's car, to distract Ryan from playing with the controls on the dashboard and other stuff (Ryan sits in front when in Richard's car). Ryan also gets some iPhone love in the mornings if he is awake before Richard - Richard shoves him the phone and they cuddle up together while Richard snatches a few more precious minutes of sleep.

Apart from that, the ban is still in effect and it has shown great results. The other night, Ryan was playing with his friends when one of them picked up a parent's phone. Ryan shook his head and told his friend, "No playing." That was great to witness - that he is not a slave to the iPhone. I guess that's why we've relaxed and eased off a little.

In other news, we are travelling back to Malaysia for a relative's wedding so I won't be posting until next week. Our relatives are all looking forward to seeing Ryan and Rachel. Ryan's Nestle commercial is now screening in Malaysia, so who knows, he may dish out some autographs eh? Hahaha!

Here's the back of the pants.  I was particularly relieved that I managed to align the stripes on the fabric properly. 

Have a good Friday and a great weekend, everyone!


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