Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend update

Ryan had a couple of highlights this weekend, starting on Friday evening. He met up with his pals, Brayden and Rou Ern, at Shann's place and they played and played and played until half-past 11 at night. It always warms my heart to see how happy the three of them are to be together.

The adults had a good and relaxing time too. It was a nice way to wind down after a work week. I was dog tired by the time we got home though, which was a result of the lack of sleep over the past couple of nights taking its toll. I finally succumbed to a phlegmy cough that night and that pretty much set the mood for the weekend - we decided to stay home as far as possible. We did get to all of Ryan's classes (although just barely for violin) - we are travelling next weekend, so we hope not to miss too many classes.

The other highlight for Ryan was trying out his new kick scooter. We bought it some time back but only set it up for him this weekend. He has been watching other children on their kick scooters with a lot of interest and so we thought it would be a good gift. True enough, he was very excited and happy that he had one of his own to play with. We took it out for a spin to Telok Kurau Park and back, with Ryan grinning the whole time.

I sewed up another circle skirt for Rachel - double layered this time. I quite like the pop of green.

Nothing much more to add so I'll just post some more photos of Rachel. These photos give me the impression that she's dancing and twirling in her skirt.


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