Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sewing 08: Newborn Kimono Top

Here's something I whipped up for little Rachel - a kimono top!

I just finished it! The model is asleep right now (which is when I get to blog!). I'll try to get some photos with her wearing the top later. 

I think I might make another one with a ribbon to tie the front pieces together. This one has two snap buttons to hold it closed. It's really tiny, about the size of my hand. I used pink linen and grey bias tape. The bias tape was a horror to sew on, because the tape I chose was half the width of the one recommended. I must have taken twice as long to sew it on than to put together the rest of the top. I should have followed the pattern and used a wider tape, but I had to do my own twist eh! I used a free pattern from the purl bee.

I'm not going to sew clothes for Ryan for a while because that boy has a ton of clothes. We can't wear them fast enough before new ones join his wardrobe. A lot of his clothes are bought by his nanny - there was a week sometime back when he would come home wearing something new every day! We are immensely grateful for all the love his nanny showers upon him!

It's good to get back to my sewing machine. I had to take a break when I was in my last weeks of pregnancy because of all the social commitments plus the fact that carrying an extra 8-9 kg of weight around doesn't help one to stand around for hours drawing and cutting patterns and fabric.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leona,

Just curious, do you have a helper at home?
I mean, both of you are working full time, with an active toddler and a newborn, plus 2 pets, how do you manage the house chores? And you still have time to do crafting, blogging, etc.
Impressive !


Chris Yee said...

Hi Leona,

Would you share your secret?
I have a helper to help out the house chore.
I am a fulltime mom, and I don't get to spend times with my children.
like M said IMPRESSIVE!!!!

Anyway, Love reading your blog!

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