Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little professional at work

Ryan had his first TV shoot yesterday! So now he is a model AND an actor! We can't reveal any details until the thing airs - well, actually we don't know the concept  or what the final thing is going to look like, so there's not a lot to reveal. Here, I'm just going to pen down some observations about how Ryan fared yesterday.

Well, Ryan was amazing yesterday! He worked from 9 to 6.30 pm without a nap (but with a lunch break) and he stayed cooperative and cheerful throughout. Everyone was so happy with him and sang his praises.

In fact, reflecting on yesterday's experience, there were a lot of positives. For one, Ryan was incredibly focused. Being on set can be so distracting for little children - there are wires, props, cameras, lights and stuff just everywhere, plus the hair and make-up people are always rushing in between takes to fix his hair and touch up his face. There are little noises and sounds coming from everywhere because someone is always adjusting something, people are having little discussions and conversations in different groups, and people are running around everywhere fetching things and doing stuff. Ryan just focused on what he had to do, he drowned everything else out and he was perfectly fine with people coming up to touch up his hair and makeup every so often, adjusting his outfit, etc.

Second, he took instructions well, even when they came from strangers (ie. the director/assistant director/hair and makeup/wardrobe/etc). That was everyone's worry because children are so unpredictable, but he managed to deliver and act out all the live scenes and stills that they needed. Ryan even had to say a line - and he did! I got so many of the crew coming up to me and telling me that he is the best child that they've worked with, which of course was very nice to hear.

Third, I was pleased to see that Ryan socialised well with everyone. Ryan was the only child on set and everyone's attention was on him all the time but he took it in his stride and didn't let it overwhelm him. He was happy and easygoing with everyone.

Ryan was completely tired out the moment they finished shooting the last scene, and he literally fell asleep in my arms as I took him off the set and sat down with him. He continued sleeping even as I changed him out of his outfit. That, in itself, was amazing - that he worked through his tiredness and gave it his all. A true professional.

Here he is in the car. He continued sleeping all the way home.

I have to say that the crew and everyone at the shoot made it a wonderful experience for Ryan, so a big thank you to all of them.

Richard and I both accompanied Ryan for the shoot, and I brought Rachel along too, together with my confinement lady. Rachel slept through it all, in between feeds.


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