Sunday, July 8, 2012

Random updates

In our household, our weekend is really just one day - Saturday. Saturday is free from work and classes, so it is the one day in the week when we feel like we aren't running on a hamster wheel. Sunday is like a slow start to the week ahead - we get back onto a schedule because Ryan has his classes. However, soon we won't have that luxury anymore, as we've signed Ryan up for a Saturday class which starts soon, so these last few lazy and OTOT ("own time own target") Saturdays are quite precious.

Last Saturday, we had my old-time friends over for Rachel's full month. This Saturday, we are having another mini full month celebration for Rachel which will also be a mini children's gathering for Ryan. Then next Saturday, we will be back in Malaysia to celebrate Rachel's full month with our relatives.

Apart from that, we have been very busy. We are getting a few things done around the house - fixing some stuff, putting up new blinds, getting the air-cons and other appliances serviced, putting one of the cars in for servicing, etc. Plus there have been the children's stuff - the photoshoots for Rachel, Ryan's casting call, the cupcakes for Rachel's full month (different batches from different shops), celebrations for the full month (we are having three!) and, of course, spending time with both of the children doing what they want to do.

Richard has just been promoted (yay!) and is very tied up with work matters. He still makes it for every gynae/PD appointment and any other appointment I ask him to attend, but he's being pulled in all directions at once so he's pretty tired.

Here're some shots I took while we were at my gynae's last week.

A quick kiss...

... a quick nose rub...

... and a quick forty winks.

As for Ryan, he is definitely a lot more chatty nowadays. From spouting one word declarations, he suddenly started speaking in perfect sentences, with prepositions and all. We were quite amazed, actually. He speaks with a definite Western accent, even when reading Chinese. I'm guessing that a lot of children nowadays start out with a Western accent and gradually pick up the local accent when they are in school?

Ryan still uses his one-word sentences, of course - it's his trademark. Well, specifically, his trademark is to write the first letter of his word in the air. For example, if you tell him, "It's time for us to have our rice", he will acknowledge you by saying "R!" while writing the letter R with his finger in the air (R for Rice). Or, when I pick him up from his nanny, he will point at me and say "M!" and write the letter M in the air. Sometimes he spells the entire word out. And, sometimes when he's thinking to himself, you can see him writing letters in the air without saying anything. It's really quite funny.

We still read a lot with Ryan and we continue to give him a lot of open-ended activities to do, mostly building and construction activities with blocks, Lego/Duplo or other similar things.

Ryan has started a new term at Shichida. Richard accompanied him for the class and before that, they went for swimming class together, while I stayed home with the baby. I'm still going through the Chinese confinement (although I must have broken most of the rules by now) so we have not gotten any sort of routine going yet. I do want to accompany Ryan for some of his classes when my confinement is done. A little bit tricky with the baby latching on fully, so we'll have to see how we can manage it.


MieVee @ said...

I feel you! I accompanied Vee in his Shichida classes after confinement. Usually, I'd try to feed baby just before leaving the house. Upon reaching school, hubby would babywear him, walk about and he'd sleep. Occasionally, before class ends, baby would awake and scream to be fed, so I'd exchange roles with hubby.

By about 3-4 months, we got a routine going and I enjoyed entire classes with Vee while hubby goes out on 1-hour strolls with baby. It's such a wonderful 1-to-1 time.

Take care and all the best! :)

Pinkie Pirate said...

MieVee - I'll definitely try that! Thanks!

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