Friday, July 27, 2012

Celebrating Rachel's full month

Rachel's full month was celebrated in grand style in Ipoh, with a Chinese banquet. One of my aunts (Aunty Sharon) arranged everything. She even made a chicken wine soup for the restaurant to serve at the dinner! 

We had 50-60 guests, mostly relatives. 

Personalised menu.

Some of my dear friends came as well, including three who drove up from KL.

Here is Richard with his two pretty sisters.

Rachel was passed from loving arm to loving arm, from aunt to uncle, to friend to cousin. Too many photos to post - suffice it to say that Rachel spent the whole duration of the dinner in someone's arms.

Ryan was asleep for the first half of the dinner. He awoke to the company of his cousins.

His cousin, Justin.

His cousin, Malcolm.

Nothing much to say, it was a fabulous event - food was good, company was great. It was wonderful to see everyone and everyone was happy to be part of the celebration. It was one of those times when you feel so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends.


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