Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A summary of last week

The week before we drove back to Malaysia was hectic. We'd planned to drive back to KL on Thursday and then to Ipoh on Friday. In the end, we could only set off from Singapore on Friday evening. We drove all the way to Ipoh and arrived just past midnight.

We were delayed mainly because of Ryan's commitments and Rachel's passport. Ryan had a full week - he had a fitting on Monday and filming on Tuesday for one job, and a photoshoot for another job (for a detergent advertisement) on Thursday morning. In between, upon the client's request, we had to take him to get his hair cut twice for the film shoot. Then, on Friday morning, we brought him to visit a pre-school - more on that in a separate post.

Fooling around at the photoshoot on Thursday
Rachel's passport was only issued on Friday afternoon, despite numerous trips to the High Commission.   Richard was told to go back four times (on four different days) and we were left guessing, up till the last minute, as to whether we would get it in time for us to make the trip back. The problem centred on her passport photo: first her face was too big in the photo, then they wanted it shot in the studio (and not at home), then they wanted the blue background to be a particular shade, then ... well, let's just say that I'm glad it was Richard who went to face them. If it were me, I would have blown my top. After Richard collected the passport, he made a quick and relatively painless trip to Singapore immigration to get Rachel cleared with them and we left Singapore right after that.

If you laughed at Ryan's first passport photo, you'll bellyache at Rachel's.

Sigh, where do I even start to try to explain the photo ... no, her hair is not like that in reality ... it's been cropped in Photoshop because Richard had to change the background colour... sigh never mind. Here she is - with her hair in its full glory.

In between all that, we had contractors to fix some stuff in the house - a leak that seems to plague us perpetually.

Richard had a tough time. He was running in all directions at the same time, in addition to running on the spot trying to remote control his staff while he was not in the office. In addition to everything that I mentioned above, he took Ryan for all his classes over the weekend plus he had to squeeze in a dinner with a client on Monday. Not funny.

On Wednesday, Rachel turned one month old and we distributed cupcakes to our colleagues. Rachel came with me to my office and she was ooh-ed and ahh-ed over. I ordered the cupcakes from cupcakedivinity - aren't they lovely?

My confinement also ended on Wednesday, and my confinement lady left the same day. It was good having her around, although I think my cat and dog will miss her most of all - she fed them day in and day out (despite Richard and I telling her not to). Now they're back to their usual portions, which are measly in comparison.

I've had some questions come through via the blog comments about whether we have a helper and how we handle everything. I do want to post a proper reply - for now, the short answer is that we don't have a helper. It's just Richard and me. We do have a local lady that comes on Saturdays to help mainly with the ironing. As for handling all that goes on at home, well, it's going to be a whole new ball game now that Rachel is here, so let's cross our fingers and see. Now that my confinement lady has left, and all the full month celebrations are done, we will have to find our (new) rhythm and hope that things fall smoothly into place.


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