We just got back from travelling over the weekend and there's loads to update and blog about, so let's get right into it!

Rachel is five weeks old now and doing well. We took her to see her PD, Dr Ngiam, this morning for a routine checkup and a vaccination. She is 4.49 kg and growing well. 

We celebrated her one-month in Ipoh over the weekend with a Chinese dinner for about 50-60 guests. We had a fabulous time - more on that in a separate post! 

The Saturday before that (14 July), we invited Alicia's and Shann's families over to our place for dinner. It was a playdate to let the children play with each other. We haven't met them for a while, although Alicia's and Shann's families meet up with each other occasionally, so it's really nice to see that their children, Brayden and Rou Ern, unquestioningly accept Ryan as their good friend.  

Shann has a newborn daughter as well, so the two infants were coo-ed over and much admired by all. It's always a nice feeling to have a baby in the house and two babies is double the goodness. As usual, the adults gathered around and chatted while the children ran around and played. Rachel spent most of the time asleep except when it got too noisy - she kicked up a fuss about that! The noise level in our home is usually close to nothing, so having three boisterous children running about and chattering away at the top of their voices must have been quite a change!

Photo taken by Alicia
And yes, the three 3-year olds had a good time. There were the usual skirmishes of course, but these got resolved as quickly as they arose, so no harm done. 

Dinner was walloped by the adults, the plates were licked clean with nothing left for the children, so we ordered some more food for the children who, when the food arrived, were still more interested in their play and didn't eat much. There was always cake of course! Yes, we took the chance to have another mini-full month celebration for little Rachel. Shann and Alicia arranged a lovely gift for us for the occasion (which was delivered beforehand) - thanks so much ladies!  

The evening ended just before 11 pm and each family left with a box of cupcakes from awfully chocolate.

Photo taken by Alicia
Now that my confinement is over, we are hoping to arrange another playdate soon for Ryan!


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