Friday, July 19, 2013

Updates on Rachel

This weekend, we are going to rest and relax and, hopefully, meet up with some friends. We are going to be very busy next week so this weekend is very precious!

Babydoll is becoming a lot more comfortable on her feet. I am slowly getting used to seeing her walking about, although part of me still denies that she is walking - haha! I've been denying it since she took her first tentative steps at 9 months old - I am hanging on tight to every babylicious moment.

She is eating like a champ. Her nanny's family has given her the nickname "Miss Mum Mum". She insists on having a share of whatever other people are eating. She has even eaten some of her nanny's fried rice so I guess that means I can start her on rice proper!

Babydoll is babbling a lot more and trying hard to communicate with other people so I will be introducing some helpful vocabulary to her. Her "Mama" and "mum mum" have become quite distinct now, plus she can say "Papa". She can even say "Nah!" when she hands you something, meaning, "Here you go!" She knows a few more words like "Bye Bye" and clap hands in Mandarin. We are talking to her in Cantonese as well - something that we didn't do with Ryan.

Oh, I want to pen a note here that her nanny and her nanny's husband absolutely adore her! Her nanny's husband is her personal taxi - when he comes home from work every evening, she will stand up in her playpen and call out to him. He will pick her up and carry her around and play with her for the rest of the evening until we arrive to fetch her home. Everytime we arrive at her nanny's home, she is playing happily with him, sometimes together with his grandson who is a few weeks older than babydoll. Sometimes babydoll is playing with both her nanny and her husband, in which case we will arrive to see this old couple sitting on the floor with babydoll laughing in between them. Really heartwarming.

I've been trying out different learning experiences with Rachel - some successful, some not so much. I will try to compile and share.

Ok, that's all, have a great weekend, everyone!


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