Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Too much going on

I haven't had the luxury of posting every week day over the past few weeks, due to a few blog-gy projects I have been working on. I hope not to drop more posts because my backlog of updates on the littles keeps growing. As this blog is, first and foremost, a memory bank for the littles, I want very much to update close to the event so that I don't lose any precious memories. I hope to preserve as much as I can, so that the littles will know the rich and beautiful life that they have given us and how much Richard and I cherish every moment.

The second, and also very powerful, motivation for blogging, is the wonderful support I have from readers. I receive a lot of emails from readers and lately, I've been getting a lot more. Many readers have queries, and I am happy to assist where I can. Some just want to say hello, and I am happy to say hello back. It's one of the pleasures of my day.

Having said that, there's only so much time that I can or want to spend with my computer, so sometimes the blogging has to take a backseat.

So what have I been working on? Well, a few things. Firstly, even though I haven't been blogging furiously, I've actually been thinking about the blog and about making a few changes to it. I've been tossing some ideas about for a long time and will probably toss them around for a bit more before you see any changes here, but I'm getting there. One big thing which has stumped me for the longest time is - should I keep the blog's name as it is? I called it "The Bub in the Belly" because I started it as a pregnancy journal. Obviously, it has outlived that purpose! So, time for a change, I think.

I've been playing with a few ideas for a new name - still no inspiration though. What do you think? Maybe I'll put some options up for discussion!

One thing I'm definitely changing is the blogroll. It needs an overhaul. So if you need a link from the present blogroll, do save it somewhere!

Apart from that, the blog needs a general springcleaning and I'm not in the mood to do a piecemeal job. I'm just going to change the whole thing at one go! Hopefully, you all will still continue to pop by, even when it looks different.

There is one other project I'm working on with a couple of friends - something exciting! Hopefully we can get it up and running soon, and I'll let you all in on it then.

Anyway, I've really nothing much to say today. Just wanted an excuse to share some photos of my lovelies and I thought it would be funny to show them doing nothing when the title of my post is the opposite. I did think of titling this post - Two Rs having Two Rs. Get it? Thought it would be too corny...

Ok, I'll be back tomorrow!


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