Thursday, July 18, 2013

Life of a Model

On Tuesday, Ryan had a full-day shoot for a print advertisement, from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm. There were two different locations. The first location was Cold Storage and we were there from 7.30 to 11 am. The crew and models caused quite a stir as shoppers stopped and stared.

Here are some photos of Ryan resting in-between working. He's playing Rush Hour Jr. We gave the set away to his co-star at the end of the shoot (I'll explain later).

Checking out Pocoyo and Alphablocks on Youtube at the makeshift hair and makeup station.

Doing some colouring in his co-star's storybook!

This is his co-star, Lauren - what a sweetie! She is American-Scottish-German-Malay-Chinese all rolled into a delicious 3 year old. Ryan and Lauren are siblings in the ad, which got me a little surprised at first, but the more I looked at Lauren, the more I saw Rachel, so the casting agent has a good eye!

Next location was outdoors. It was hot! Ryan pretended to suntan and bask in the sun and refused to come into the shade! Hahaha! The crew were all standing in the shade and staring out at him, predicting that he'll come back with tan lines.

There was one shot where Ryan was supposed to be topless with just his shorts and sandals. He was not happy about that and insisted on having his shirt on. Luckily, the director said ok. Once Ryan put his shirt on, he told everyone, "THIS is nice" and the director told everyone to applaud. Hahaha!

Another shot of the two little co-stars - they're actually holding hands here. There were adult models as well, but I think these two are cuter, heh heh.

It was quite important for the shot for the two children to be friends and bond, so I asked Ryan to give Lauren his Hello Kitty toy from his Happy Meal lunch and he did. After that, the two cuties bonded over the cars and trucks in Ryan's Rush Hour Jr game. They each took a vehicle and ran around, zooming up and down the place. Lauren continued to hold onto her truck the whole time that she was doing the last shot. After we were done, and I'd packed up the cars and trucks, she came up to me and asked me if she could have the one that she was playing with. Poor little girl was in tears and asked so sweetly! I couldn't give her just one truck because the game requires all the vehicles, so I gave her the whole thing, all the cars and trucks, the playing cards and the playing board. Ryan didn't mind and she was delighted! 

Watching the two of them working, I realised how far Ryan has come as a model. Lauren is an experienced model too but she is still a 3 year old and just like when Ryan was a three year old - it does take some work to get the shot. As an older child though, Ryan is much more "directable" and I didn't have to do much at all.

Ryan had such a great time that the next day, he didn't want to go to school - he said he wanted to go back to the shoot and play with Lauren!


Unknown said...

Hi Leona,
May i ask which agent does your son goes to for modeling? I would love to send my son for an audition if you dun mind sharing.


Pinkie Pirate said...

Hi Sandra, I will be happy to share, you can email me!

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