Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sewing - blue flannel pants for Rachel

I've been slacking on the blog a little because I have been quite busy at home. Ironically, we've been trying to do less - go out less, live quietly, spend more time at home - but there seems to be even more stuff to do when we are at home. The more we go out, the more stuff at home piles up, and the more we have to deal with when we get home. So the solution is to go out less, deal with the stuff at home, and after a while, things should find an equilibrium. At least that's the plan.

Nevertheless, I do have lots to share! Today I'm going to show you some pants I sewed up for the littles. 

This is the one I made for babydoll. It's a comfortable blue flannel with white polka dots. I made it with the same pattern I used for these pants. I wanted to sew the pattern a few more times to improve my skill with it. This is the third time that I've used the pattern and I was familiar enough with it to re-draft it myself in Rachel's size. 

I did make some changes. I made them a little slimmer than the original pattern, plus I added grey bias tape at the leg cuffs. The material is not stretchable but babydoll still has enough room to kick about. As I was taking these photos, I was following her up the stairs in our home.

These pants are meant to be pajama pants. In fact, babydoll is sleeping in them tonight! I plan to make more pajama pants for babydoll, but I'll be trying different patterns and I hope to sew up some knits as well. Hope you like these! I'll show you the pair I made for Ryan in tomorrow's post!


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