Friday, July 26, 2013

Ryan at Shichida

Here's Ryan, just before Shichida class last week. He's holding Abby Cadabby (who actually belongs to Rachel). He was actually dancing and bopping about, and I managed only to snap this one good shot. The rest are blurry.

He said he wanted to show Abby Cadabby to Teacher Hirin. Teacher Hirin was Ryan's previous sensei. She has left the school and Ryan started with Teacher Nuraini this term. Last week's class was only the second class of the new term, so Ryan was still thinking that Teacher Hirin was going to be in class. I didn't explain to him otherwise, because I thought he would get upset. For the last class of the previous term, we prepared a bouquet of flowers and a photo momento for Teacher Hirin and I explained to Ryan that this was an appreciation for Teacher Hirin because she would not be teaching him anymore. The result was that he spent half the class on Richard's lap, facing the back of the class, and refusing to acknowledge Teacher Hirin. So upset, he was!

This was his report for last term:

Dearest Ryan, thank you for being such an adorable, attentive, participative and a cooperative student in Teacher Hirin's class. I appreciate all the effort you have put in and I am so pleased to see such a beautiful and positive growth in you. You have a fantastic photographic memory and I am proud to see you perform during Makoto Club event too! You are a genius, Ryan! Teacher Hirin loves you! You always enjoy learning and you are not afraid in trying or learning something new too! Thank you for all the love for the past 7 terms. I will miss you and your wonderful family! Take good care and may we meet again in the future. All the best in your life, dearest! :)

What a sweet message! We will definitely miss Teacher Hirin. She was wonderful with Ryan, and she was always cheerful and positive in class.

Teacher Nuraini was Ryan's sensei when he started Shichida, before he got Teacher Hirin. So she's not unfamiliar, but I think Ryan still needs to get comfortable with her in certain aspects. When she was his sensei before, he was very very young. He didn't have to (and was not able to) communicate with her verbally. So now, he is a little shy to respond to her verbally. Perhaps he finds it a little strange because he sees her around the school, before and after class with Teacher Hirin, but he doesn't talk to her. I guess the relationship between them has to be re-defined. I'm confident that, once it is, it will be smooth-going.

This term at Shichida, it looks like there will be a lot more memory work for the right brain training segment. For left brain activities, there are more activities involving writing and math.

Ryan seems to be enjoying math a lot now. He might be entering into a "sensitive period" for math, so I'm going to dig up my Montessori math manual and put out some math activities for him at home.

Okay, that's all for this post. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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