Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Updates on Ryan's learning at home

Today, I'm sharing an update on Ryan's learning at home and tomorrow, I will share an update on Rachel. 

Ryan is still in love with the alphabet and spends most of his free time on alphabet-related and letter-related activities. He's an expert on those already and comes up with his own games and activities, and so I haven't worked with him on those for a long time now. As I showed you in this post, when I work with him now, I offer him more math and writing activities.  

Here's Ryan working on addition. He rolls two dice at a time and adds the numbers that come up. I check that his answer is correct and then he has another go at it. 

Once he starts using the dice as building blocks, then I know the activity is done.

For writing skills, I have been thinking about introducing copywork but was hesitant because I was afraid that Ryan might find it too boring. I was also not sure how to start off - with one word? with two? - and so I wanted to read up more on it first.

As it turned out, he was given some Shichida homework which provided me with the opportunity to try some copywork with him. He was supposed to write down five ways to save electricity. After we discussed the topic, I wrote down the five ways on a piece of paper and asked him to copy them onto the Shichida homework sheet. Some of the sentences were pretty long, like "Switch off lights when you leave the room" but he kept going at a steady pace and finished all five sentences in one sitting.

Ryan was very pleased with his work! I'll show you the completed work when we get it back from his sensei.

In case you're wondering, Ryan is wearing a Super Grover T-shirt with an attached cape, which we bought from Universal Studios.

In other Shichida news, here's what Ryan's sensei wrote in his term report for last term:

"Dearest Ryan, you have amazed Teacher Hirin with your ability to recite different sets of linking memory every month! Wow! Your memory is moving so fast like a bullet train! You demonstrate superior work in writing activities, addition matrix, understanding composition of numbers and able to draw simple drawings too! Teacher Hirin enjoys your little conversations with Mummy and I'm more happy to see when you are happy with the achievement you made in class! You are shining bright like a star, Ryan! Hip Hip Hooray for Ryan! :) "

Ryan had a bit of an upset in his first Shichida class this term (which was two weekends ago). Towards the end of the class, he was returning the materials to his sensei and after packing them into the plastic packet, he gave it a little push. He didn't expect the plastic packet to be so smooth, I think. The packet shot quickly across the table and landed on his sensei's desk (he was sitting right in front of her). Although he gave it only a light push, it seemed as though he had shoved it forcefully. His sensei remarked that he should have been more gentle. He got upset at the thought that he had upset her (she wasn't actually upset, but Ryan is quite fond of her). I had to talk to him quietly and calm him down. I told him that he could apologise to her and things would be all right. He was too upset at first but eventually agreed, so, after the class, he went up to her straightaway and said sorry. He was so contrite that he didn't want to collect a sticker, although his sensei offered him one. Ah, my little sensitive soul.

Ok, that's all for now. Come back tomorrow to see what Rachel has been up to!


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