Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bye Bye my Bella

Some depressing news this morning. Ryan's best friend, Isabella, is going to be attending pre-school and childcare (full day) starting June so, from then on, he won't be seeing her every weekday.

Isabella, or Bella, as we all call her, is a year younger than Ryan. She is cared for by Ryan's nanny so Ryan and her spend every weekday together, when Richard and I are both working. She came to Ryan's nanny when she was about a year old and everyone thought that Ryan and Bella were siblings, because they both have big eyes and curly hair. Bella is now taller than Ryan although they still look very much alike.

Ryan and she squabble and fight all day, but they also spend a lot of time playing very well together and Ryan is very fond of her. Occasionally, Ryan will let me know that he's bringing something over to "show Bella". Sometimes I will ask him to bring something to share with Bella (like a food item), and he will nod enthusiastically.

There were others before Bella, but Bella came into Ryan's life at a time when Ryan was interested in forming friendships and in interactive playing. So the two of them have lots of fun times together.

These photos were taken in February. After they were taken, our families parted ways and Ryan was so upset that we had to restrain him from running after her. Richard picked him up and Ryan was straining out his hands towards Bella, yelling with tears streaming down his cheeks, "Give me my Bella back! I want my Bella...!!!"

I have mentioned before that this boy has a dramatic streak in him.

I have been discussing the concept of "favourite" with Ryan. He doesn't understand what it means, and he gives me different answers when I ask him what his favourite colour is or what his favourite game is. Last night, I asked him who his favourite friend is and I explained to him that this meant who does he like "a lot a lot a lot". I asked him to choose from a few names that I chose and his answer was, "Bella". So, even if she is not truly his favourite, she must be right up there near the top of his list.

Hopefully, we will keep in touch. It will be nice to see Bella as an older child and, even as a teenager and a young lady. Warm hugs, Bella!


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