Friday, April 19, 2013

On juggling and watching television

A popular question from readers is "How do you juggle everything?" I've never answered this question. Because I don't have an answer that would paint an accurate picture. I don't feel that I manage to juggle everything that I want to juggle, so I feel I would be a fraud if I were to tell you how I juggle everything. Still, I recognise that I do juggle more than the average person does and I know that what people want to know is how I juggle all the stuff which I do juggle.

I am quite amused at the number of times the word "juggle" appears in the paragraph above.

On a more serious note, it's Friday, and I am not in the frame of mind to write my usual "this is how I do it" post. I am looking forward to a good weekend, some quality time with the littles and lots of sleep. And not so much juggling, please.

Nevertheless, I promise I will answer that question. I will. I have put it on my "things-to-ponder" list. This is separate from my "to-do" list but, given my procrastinating nature, is an infinitely more important list to me. Once I have pondered, pontificated, and pureed this baffling question, the answer will appear (as if by magic!) on the blog. Watch this space, but not with bated breath, please.

In the meantime, please go visit this old post from MetroDad. See the part that is titled "On Television". That is EXACTLY how I feel. I don't have the opportunity nor the time to watch television/movies. I've not watched television/movies for years (let's not count the sporadic movie here and there). You may think it's a good thing but I feel a little outdated, especially when friends start discussing the latest series or movie and all I can do is to talk about some show in the 80s so that I can at least pretend I'm retro-cool. As MetroDad put it, "Watch too much TV and yes, you’re a loser. But if you don’t watch any TV at all, then you’re a douche and I don’t want to know you."

I don't want to be a douche. :( And I want MetroDad to be my friend. His blog is absolutely brilliant.

On an entirely administrative note, I was alerted (thanks BikBik & RoRo!) to the fact that the word verification for my comments was wonky and people have not been able to leave comments as a result. Problem has been fixed - I got rid of the word verification thingy! Comment away! Incidentally, BikBik & RoRo spotted the reference in my last post to the 70s/80s TV show called Fantasy Island. Good ol' Tattoo shouts, "De Plane! De Plane!" at the start of each episode. Retro-cool, that's me.

Ok, time to go. Here's little babydoll wishing you a lovely weekend, filled with moderate amounts of TV. Be good.


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