Thursday, April 18, 2013

Put the rubbish where it belongs

I am feeling a little under the weather. The doctor told me I needed three nights of solid rest. In my mind, I was thinking, "De plane! De plane!" (if you know what I'm referring to, you win my next giveaway on the blog. Don't cheat by using Google!) 

I had another post lined up for today but I need to tinker with it a bit more, plus I remembered that April is World Autism Awareness Month so I thought I'd share this 2011 article with you about vaccines and autism. I love the last sentence: "But I think we've reached the real tipping point in public perception, and that from this moment on, it will be a real rarity to hear someone ask, "Do you think vaccines cause autism?" and a standard to hear, "Can you believe people used to think vaccines cause autism?""  

On a related note, I've seen a lot of rubbish being spread irresponsibly across Facebook and other social media. I wish that people would just do their research before clicking the "share" button, especially if sharing some lame piece from some dubious source is going to cause fear and panic. Lately, I have had a few pieces come across my social media platforms which I first saw years and years ago. Even though these rubbish-y things have been shown to be untruths, they stay in circulation forever because people share blindly, without logic nor rational thought, and certainly without responsibility. The myth that vaccines cause autism will take years to die off only because people are continuing to give life to it by declaring it as God's truth. In the meantime, lives are being lost because people are not getting their vaccinations done. Put the rubbish where it belongs, don't pass it on please. And if you're not sure whether something is true, please don't share it "just in case". It probably isn't true.

I'm sharing some unrelated photos of babydoll, because that's how I roll and because I can verify that they are true. Goodnight all.


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